I occasionally talk on radio and in front of other people, although strangely I am rarely invited back.

I talked about motorways with Laurie Taylor on Thinking Allowed here.

I talked about television with Lauren Laverne here.

I talked about the history of cultural studies here.

I talked to Tal Zalmanovich about Armchair Nation on the New Books Network here.

You can listen to my inaugural lecture at LJMU here.

4 thoughts on “Talking

  1. Dr Moran, just in case your interested, —[My name is David Vinter, I am nearly 80, but grey matter still OK].
    Consequently, I was schooled through WW2, and as a Lincolnshire country lad have written my memoires of that time, should you wish to see them for any comparison, please just ask, and I will download them for you.
    At age 32 and recently married, I became a mature student at Nottingham University, reading
    Jt Hons Economics /Agricultural Economics.
    Regards, David Vinter.

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    • Dear David – thanks for your interest in my blog and for getting in touch. It would have been great to look at it a couple of years ago as I was looking at a lot of wartime diaries for an article I was writing about diaries. I wonder though if you have thought of donating it to the Great Diary Project based in London – they would be very interested. best wishes Joe

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  2. I have just started your book On Roads. It looks very good already. I didn’t know about the M45 being a relic of the Macmillan era.


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